What We Do

We help you focus on the things that matter - like better funding and delivering upon your mission. By enhancing and optimizing your back-office processes and tools, we can help you deliver unprecedented value from your unique information assets. We not only provide you with higher-quality information to further your mission, but more importantly, we can help give you invaluable time back to better connect and engage with your stakeholders.

We offer the following services:

 Knowledge Management Strategy, Design and Governance


Our Knowledge Management approach is much more than just a fractional CIO - we holistically approach strategy, design, governance and ongoing implementation and maintenance of a knowledge aggregation, dissemination and enhancement program that's as unique as you are, based upon best practices we've developed over two decades of work with charitable teams.

Our approach aims to better leverage investments you've made in technology and tools, while simultaneously reducing the complexity of your tools, thereby increasing the quality of knowledge that you’re able to ingest and utilize.

Simply put, we help devise a strategy where you're better able to utilize the assets you’ve acquired and invested in. 

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 CRM Management as a Service


Core to a charitable enterprise knowledge management program is a well-structured and managed Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software product. There are many to choose from, but all commonly serve the same overarching purpose - to better categorize, manage, and make available the information describing your interactions with your stakeholders.

As core as these products are, high-quality administration staff are scarce, expensive, and the landscape is populated with a large number of self-anointed “experts” that lack the experience and technical capability to make these complicated products work.

We have more than 20 years of experience with making a number of vendor products work for our clients. We're deeply experienced in a number of common products, but we're also rather uniquely vendor and product agnostic - we firmly believe that we can help you obtain greater value from whatever tool you've chosen to invest in. Unfortunately, we find that this paradigm is rather uncommon - more so, we find that vendor-beholden consultants and sales representatives grossly over-sell the capabilities and ease of use of vendor products, and under-deliver on tailored support to align your organization and the capabilities and limitations of the software.

As opposed to what we see as the industry’s "low-bar" standard, we flip the script here - we’re independent, aren’t beholden to any system vendor - we're comfortable working with nearly anything. We’re not “partners”, “resellers”, or “referrers” for any particular system vendor. So, whatever system you have, and however you see your organization growing in the future, we’re uniquely positioned to support your future, entirely separate and distinct from the sales quotas, spurious “upgrade” paths and up-sells of your system vendors. Whatever CRM system you’ve chosen to invest in, we can help you make better.

We don’t generally advocate CRM transitions or conversions, as they’re expensive, time-consuming, long on the promise, and more often than not, short on actual additional feature delivery. We find conversions are often pushed by vendors in an effort to lock you into their ecosystems, without sufficient regard to your individual needs. Unfortunately, with a CRM transition, you most assuredly trade known gaps in your current system for a larger set of unknown gaps in the next CRM system, while simultaneously eliminating your hard-earned implicit staff capability in your prior system. We typically find that filling known gaps in an existing implemented product is more cost-effective and vastly quicker than executing a full CRM conversion.

If, however, you decide your situation warrants a transition between CRM systems, we can help you there, too. We can help you navigate selection, testing, data conversion, adaptation and process development as you transition between systems.

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Data Hygiene and Enhancement


Your assembled knowledge describing your stakeholder relationships is truly the only unique asset that you possess, and is the most often overlooked component of your competitive advantage to deliver upon your mission.

Foundational to this is a high-quality knowledge repository from which to act with. Your ability to obtain, process, implement and iterate on data generated by your operations is key to your ability to monitor your environment, giving you the ability to react to changing environmental and social conditions.

We provide essential services that help you improve the quality of data you acquire,  such as entity and transaction deduplication, systematic data standardization, strategic data storage, and processing optimization, and enrichment services such as address updates via the USPS NCOA database, geolocation appends, wealth appends, and e-mail and phone screenings.

We can help you develop a strategic approach to your data enrichment and enhancement programs.

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System Integration


We live in a time of unprecedented proliferation of data availability. We're generating data at staggering rates, and at the same time, the number of locations and systems where data is stored, created, and accessed is increasing.


We don't choose to counter this complexity, but rather embrace it with our "integration-first" approach. We design and deploy tools and governance to bring structure to your complex bi-directional information flows. Our approach distributes knowledge from core information repositories and, in turn, retrieves enriched information from specialized data systems for inclusion in your core systems.  Our "integration-first" approach helps afford you operational agility, prioritizing your team’s ability to rapidly leverage new technologies and tools to better engage with your stakeholders, and deliver your mission without fragmenting actionable information across isolated data silos. 

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Staff Augmentation


We get it - You need highly-capable staff that you can hire, train and retain. The costs associated with building and retaining staff simply aren’t to be underestimated. The time and expense you invest in advertising, interviewing, training, growing and retaining personnel are exceptional, and despite your best efforts, staff turnover in the charitable space seems nearly unavoidable. We’ve been there, and we understand - both from the perspective of hiring managers attempting to fill and develop staff within a number of positions, as well as the staff being entranced by the siren song of recruiters and peers to that next challenge. 

Unfortunately, there are no magic bullets here, but we believe we can help. We hand-pick and train staff who exist solely to support our charitable clients, just like they’re one of your in-house staff. Where our approach differs is that our remote support and staffing model allows us to hire and retain nationwide, and mask the challenging realities of facilitating, managing and delivering upon the promise of remote personnel support resources.

What you get is a reliable, consistent, and protocol-driven non-staff resource that's able to augment your existing staff. Our team provides pre-trained, vetted expert-level support that is difficult, if not impossible to reliably obtain and retain locally. We're able to provide regular, baseline levels of support, as well as provide “burstable” support during periods of high demand, rapidly scaling up and down with little long-term commitment.


We look forward to discussing how we can help enhance and support your existing staff and improve their ability to support your stakeholders, programs, and mission.

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