About Us

Our team has deep, specialized experience supporting your organization’s back-office knowledge management tools and practices.

For more than two decades, we’ve been in the trenches ourselves. We’ve staffed diverse charitable organizations, operating at vastly differing scales, with wildly differing missions and geographic scopes - from hyper-local to national. We typically serve in a crisis intervention capacity, where significant portions of an organization’s knowledge management structure have failed. These failures aren't trivial - impacting staff, supporters, and program delivery, and require both immediate triage and support, as well as long-term strategy development and sustained mitigation and enhancement efforts.

During these engagements, we’ve observed a number of common themes emerge that transcend each organization’s individual immediate crisis, and have served as a springboard for our current work.

Rather than simply “work hard” and await the impending crisis, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping staff "work smart”, taking a proactive approach with organizations and their stakeholders to improve their ability to understand, interpret and react to the environment in which their teams operate.

We don’t just write assessments, sending your team off on their own to implement new practices, products, and paradigms. We work with you, investing in the development of your staff, and partnering with you to transform your knowledge management program to improve outcomes for your teams.


Jason, a system architect, engineer, and operations expert with more than 20 years of experience designing integrated knowledge management systems. Jason first became exposed to both power of technology through his first computer - an early 1980’s TI-99/4A - as well as the frustrating limitations of isolated systems when his friends’ used entirely incompatible Commodore 64s and Apple IIs. When his family upgraded to a late-80’s IBM PS/2 Model 30, Jason became fascinated primarily with the storage, organization, manipulation, and presentation of large (for the time…!) amounts of information within early home spreadsheet and database software. Jason’s professional experience has centered around the architecture, governance, and functional extension of large, business-critical, constituent relationship management databases. Experiencing, firsthand, the reporting deficiencies within commercial off the shelf CRM systems, Jason has extensive experience designing, building, and extending data warehouses to amass information from disparate operational data stores to enable more comprehensive reporting and data analysis to better inform decision-makers. Jason’s current research focus is on the development of extensible entity keying engines and companion data interchange patterns and processes that heavily leverage open source tools and technologies. These systems are dramatically reducing the barriers of talent, time, and cost to enable disparate systems, with varying levels of data quality and consistency, to efficiently exchange data on a highly-automated basis. Jason has a fantastic wife and two school-age boys, and as such, has virtually no free time. However, in what limited spare time he has, Jason enjoys getting his hands dirty wrenching on cars and motorcycles, and counts Edd China amongst his personal heroes. Visit Jason on LinkedIn.

Meghan, a system administrator with more than 10 years’ experience overseeing the reliable and repeatable day-to-day details required to operate charitable knowledge management operations. Meghan is a process execution and optimization expert, with deep experience in building and maintaining sustainable human-populated information workflows. Visit Meghan on LinkedIn.

Additionally, we work with a loose affiliation of a large number of specialized consultants who bring with them deep capability and experience with just about anything we'll encounter within your environment. We're able to bring these specialized talents to bear to support needs as unique as yours.

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